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Cell-Cultured Meat
Is Here.


Recent approval by the USDA has guaranteed further development and eventual launch in the US for the latest technology promising sustainable sources of protein: Cell-Cultured Meat.


Cell-cultured meat solves for each of the consumer concerns we uncovered in Diet Drivers: animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and human health.


But what does the consumer think about it?



Are consumers ready?

We asked consumers about the issues that drive their food and beverages decisions:  their own health and wellness, climate change and the environment, and animal welfare. 

Consumers told us how they're trying to change their diets, and why they want to make those changes.

And they shared their interests in industry and governmental certifications and claims about food.

What do they know about cell-cultured meat?

We wanted to know how much consumers already know about cell-cultured meat, and whether they're interested in trying it.

We also wondered whether their interest might change if they learned more -- even just a little -- about it. 

And if it did change, would they be more interested, or less?

What do they expect next?

How do consumers refer to cell-cultured meat now, and what do they expect to call it in the future?

What benefits do consumers imagine from cell-cultured meat, and do they expect it to address their current concerns?

Where do consumers imagine finding, buying or eating cell-cultured meat?

What do they want to know and hear about?

We asked consumers about their current concerns about cell-cultured meat.

Then we asked them what assurances they'd need to overcome those concerns.

Chief Insights Officer,
Mark DiDomenico says:

"This study was conducted to help companies working on cell technology, and investors looking for opportunities in this category, better understand the consumers' perspective on these products."

The research found that 61% of participants thought they knew what cell-cultured was -- with "thought" being the operative word. Success in the category will begin with consumer understanding and suppliers' ability to influence their perceptions.

“The insights in this report will help suppliers understand communication and education needs for launch in order to successfully bring cell-cultured products to market."


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