Diet Drivers 2 -- Why we eat what we eat and what we do differently as a result.

Find out what consumers really want.

We asked a demographically and regionally balanced group of 800 adults a series of multiple choice, rating, and open-ended questions.  These questions uncovered their aspirations and concerns, and showed the ways those ideas influence their actions.  

The Diet Drivers 2 report includes consumers' detailed responses and the insights you need to align your product or operation with the underlying decision-drivers motivating dining choices. 

  • Diners' top concerns regarding their health, the environment and our food supply.
  • The foods and attributes consumers most want to limit or exclude from their diets.
  • Perceptions and preferences around various label claims for the proteins that they purchase, including:
    • raised without added hormones,
    • free range, and
    • pasture raised, etc.
  • Which diet drivers are leading consumers to ...
    • increase or decrease their at-home cooking.
    • increase or decrease their shopping in the deli/bakery section of the grocery store.
    • ignore or seek out nutritional information at restaurants.
  • Which emerging food innovations consumers most support and want to see on menus and on their grocers’ shelves – regenerative, upcycled, locally grown, etc.

A Different Perspective

At ESA, we have feet on the street selling for our clients every day.

We know how to ask the questions you want answered. 

We gather the information you need to increase sales and generate revenue.


What matters most to the person who visits your operation, and how can you respond to their needs?  

What can you do to help ensure they choose your operation instead of another?  And what can help you build repeat business?

Of the issues that matter to your customers, which ones influence the price they're willing to pay?

How can you address diners' concerns, increase their satisfaction, and manage your costs?

Ready for the answers we found?  Checkout now for the report, including cross tabs.  Or submit the form for more information.


What matters most to the person who will ultimately eat or drink the product you manufacture? 

How can you address the diner's concerns as you research, develop, manufacture, package, and market your products to foodservice operators?  

Operators will choose your product over another based on consumer opinion and in response to the pressures they feel from the people who walk through their doors. 

To know what those operators want, you need to know what their customers want. 

Checkout to get the answers you need, or reach out to learn more.

Let's Go!

Ready to get data and insights that can help you address consumer and operator needs?

Diet Drivers 2 includes the full data insights report, plus cross tabs that allow you to go even deeper with the data and unearth the insights from your target consumers.


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