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Data for growth.

The better-for-you, plant-based and alternative protein spaces continue to grow and evolve with increasing speed. ESA debuts this report as part of its new suite of offerings, designed to provide clients with data-backed insights for solid decision-making and more compelling sales propositions. 


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Ready to get data and insights that can help you address consumer and operator needs?

Diet Drivers includes the full data insights report, plus cross tabs that allow you to go even deeper with the data and unearth the insights from your target consumers.


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Consumer perceptions regarding their diets, the foods and beverages they consume and the overall effects on their health and the environment. 

Concerns & Triggers

Concerns and triggers that affect consumers’ food and beverage choices including food sourcing, environmental impact and contents (e.g., gluten-free, sugar-free, allergen-free). 


Consumer aspirations — the things they want to add, modify, reduce or eliminate from their diets. 


Consumer understanding and definitions of terms such as “clean label” and “locally sourced." 


Consumer preferences, interests and intentions regarding plant-based categories by format (plant-based analogs vs. veggie-forward), protein type (beef, chicken, seafood and dairy) and by item or form (e.g. burgers, steaks, wings). 

And Much More

Consumer awareness and interest in cell-cultured meats. 

And other innovations ...

Chief Insights Officer,
Mark DiDomenico says:

“Consumers increasingly evaluate their purchases based on health and wellness, animal welfare and environmental concerns."

  For example, respondents reported concern about the environment and climate change (66%); limiting their food waste (71%); animal welfare (65%) and antibiotics use (63%).

“Our research answers questions about the specifics of those decision drivers, about who’s making the decisions and about their preferences.” 

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